Where to buy?

Not technically tech support, but couldn’t figure out wherte to post.
When will the iOS version be available in international App Stores? As it is now, I can´t buy it as Apple doesn’t allow my CC to buy in US store.

The iOS version is available in most App stores. Where are you?


Hi there. Another Scrivener user from Colombia here. Can confirm that the iOS app is not available. I tried having a friend gift it to me, but apparently gifts are only good for the same country.

I checked my own connections with the iOS App Store and there appears to have been some minor adjustment made to the legal agreements so I had to resubmit some info for my own stuff to be available in Colombia and 8 other countries.

Maybe L&L simply have to check that as well? Mail their support mail telling them iOS Scrivener is not available on the Colombia App store.

I’m in the process of ditching the Mac and trying (for a while at least) to do all my work on an iPad and iPhone. To that end I was making sure all the software I’m likely to need is loaded and up to date.

However, I noticed that Scrivener on my iPad is at version 1.0.1 and will not update. I get the message that is’s no longer available in my store (Philippines).

Curiously, my iPhone is at version 1.1.4 and the 1.1.5 update is not shown there for it.

Scrivener for Mac is also no longer available on the Mac app store.

Has it been removed for some reason or is it as @Lunk points out?

Still can’t buy ios version. I get this when I click on this site’s link:


EDIT: Just noticed it’s been 6 months.

Please make scrivener iOS available in the Philippines.

Persuade Apple to handle the tax questions in the Philippines!


I second the motion. This is an entire market of users who would love to purchase the app, who need it for work and productivity.

Surely when there’s a will there’s a way?

Again, persuade Apple to handle the tax questions in the Philippines (and other jurisdictions they do not currently do so) and this can happen!