Where to find help getting oriented on Scrivener? Upwork?

I used one of the first versions of Scrivener years ago and loved it, but I can’t quite get around all the new functionality in time to get my new report done. Yes, I know I should not have started Scrivener up again with a new project on a deadline, but I did not anticipate the extent of changes. I have to find some help on Upwork or elsewhere in the next few hours or I will have to take down all my progress so far and go back to Word. I have a request in to Upwork but only a handful of people seem to have Scrivener skills, and I can’t find answers to simple problems in the manual or videos. So…where do people go to get quick answers to questions that you need to see on a screen rather than solve in a Q&A format? Even for pay? Thanks for any suggestions.

You could try asking questions here in the forum, or open a support ticket, here:

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V1 is still functional, BTW.

Scrivener V1

It is the last one at the bottom of the web page.

Perhaps this would be better for you. (?) Known territory.

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Search for answers on this forum or the r/scrivener subReddit.

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