Where to fix section headings: Scrivener, MMD, or LaTeX?

For a technical paper, I’m using numbered section headings. Right now first-level text documents in Scrivener’s Draft section are appearing as two-level numbered headings, starting with 0.1. What I want is the first level heading to be only one digit, starting with 1. Subheadings should then be like 1.1, 1.2, etc.

I know how to fix this in LaTeX itself (https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/LaTeX/Document_Structure#Section_numbering), but this seems to me to be something that should be handled at the level of either the meta data passed to Multimarkdown or even better, in Scrivener itself. But I can’t figure out how to do this.

Can someone help me with this?

If I understand it right you want the sections to be the highest level in your paper.

Since its Part > Chapter > Section in LaTeX, I think you have to change your meta data in Scrivener to:

Base Header Level: 3

Just guessing. Didn’t try it myself. HTH!

Are you using MMD3? If so you can insert a “LaTeX Input” in your meta-data which will insert custom text into the preamble for modifying core behaviour like this. There isn’t a huge bevy of fine-grained options like this in MMD itself, it rather supports the notion of one assembling their preamble from snippets (say you have a piece that changes the typesetting for chapter headings, you could pull that into your document with the LaTeX Input meta-data, and then use another one to pull in a piece that sets the numbering to start at chapter instead of part, etc). This way MMD avoids acquiring the complexity of LaTeX itself in terms of document configuration.

The above advice is good if you do not want top-level stuff to be part/chapter. If you are writing a short article, for instance, setting the base header level to 2 or 3 is good. That causes section headers to bump up by the supplied amount. So what would have been “# Title #” would be treated as though it were “## Title ##” with a base header level of two. But that, I believe, will still cause the number to start with 0 if you go straight to sections without defining a chapter. Base Header Level 3 would cause this behaviour in most classes.

Thanks for the help, AmberV. I found that if I set the Base Header Level to 3, I get exactly the numbering I want. With BHL=2, my first section is numbered 0.1; with BHL=3, it’s numbered 1.

But now I have another, related problem. If I include a cross-reference to a section (first-level division) in the document, the generated cross-reference calls this division a “chapter.” This is because, looking at the LaTeX, Scrivener compiles first-level folders as chapters. For instance, in my Drafts collection the first folder is called “Introduction,” and I have some text in it. Since this is part of a paper, this first collection should be called a “section.” But because Scrivener generates a \chapter statement for each first-level folder, the cross-reference calls this a chapter instead.

How does one address this? :question: