Where to get images

Good evening everyone.

I am writing a not fiction book about counseling with tarots and would like to insert some images.

Where do you get images for your books?

I guess one should search amongst public domain images to use them into a book that’s going to get published and on sale.

Thank you.

I use a service called Depositphotos for images. They claim to have 100s of millions. The licencing allows you to use the images on the web or in print and they have an extended licence for runs of 100,000’s + . Now, their normal pricing is by subscription to the tune of 19$ a month… but from time to time they release a much better deal. I paid 39$ for 100 images with no expiry date. I don’t think it is possible to get a better deal than that - images licenced to use for commercial projects in print at high res for pennies each. I am not a heavy image user and those 100 images may well last a lifetime for me! It’s a real timesaver when you need something.
I just checked, and the deal isn’t on - but I do get emails from time to time offering me to top up at that rate.
There are other services but I can’t comment they are probably all similar with different business models.

As we all know, images, music, words, all things that are created should only be used with the creator’s (or owner’s) permission. If you stumble upon something you want to use, contact the owner and ask. Your writing topic sounds interesting to me and may very well be interesting to the creative that produced the image you like. Getting in touch will probably get you a top quality copy too. Don’t assume that even if it’s scattered around the internet, it’s free to use. and and are also subject to protection through copyright.

Thank you.

As a matter of fact, I am a lawyer as well and I know a bit of copyright law, even though the italian one and not the ones in other countries of the world.

Your head up is valuable, I could subscribe to a site like the one you use and then wait for an offer, a subscription would not be interesting since I need the images just for a single project.

Another way would be to hire someone to draw them for me on a direct or sharing payment basis.

Then I wonder how should I handle its insertion on the book, compile or print wise, to avoid getting unpleasing result, say an image across two pages or else.

Thanks again, have a nice day.

For that you really need something like InDesign, or as you’re on a Mac, have a quick look at Affinity Publisher (https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/publisher/), which currently is on offer at £23.99—I don’t know the Euro equivalent—until the 20th, the day after tomorrow. They also have the same discount on their other apps: Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, as well as brush sets and other extensions.

You might be able to do it in Word or Nisus Writer Pro, but using desktop publishing gives you more and easier control. That said, I’m not sure if Designer can export to ePub yet, but the “page” is pretty irrelevant in most e-books in my experience.



Thank you for the head up.

With Affinity Publisher, what would be the workflow? Compile and export from Scrivener to say a format and then import it AP?

Thank you.

Yes … RTF is fine for that, which is great. Of course, it has a learning curve as all desktop publishing software has, but at that price it’s worth having in your armoury, even if you don’t need it for some time. Remember, InDesign is someting like $30 per month!



Understood. Thanks again.