where to get templates?

I’ve read that one can download Scrivener templates, but a forum search and a web search yield absolutely nada. Any links/ideas/comments? Thanks.

The only one I know of is here, and it was designed a while ago. Oh, also check in the Zen section, I believe there is a thread on structured story writing with a downloadable template for the method. It would be nice to get a library of these built up, but it depends upon us as users to do it, and Scrivener being so new and all, I think we are all still figuring out the best ways to use it.

You might also want to check out the structured story-development template to be found in this thread:
Setting up a Structured Story-Development Environment.


There are also some templates included on the latest DMG. If you downloaded the latest update via Scrivener’s auto-update feature, you might want to re-download via the product web page and get the templates off the DMG. I’m hoping some users will provide more, though, as time goes on.