Where to input meta-data?

I’ve watched a few tutorials on how to compile, and have been looking for the “front matter” folder that I gather is supposed to be in my binder. However, it’s not there. The tutorial was referring to a fiction book, but mine is non-fiction - is that why the folder isn’t there? Or am I missing something? I would like to input my meta-data somewhere, but have no idea where. Can anyone help?

I’ve answered this along with some other questions in this post.

Hi Amber, and thank you for this answer and all the others!

As you surmised, I’ll have to spend some time with the long post you made, but regarding the meta-data, yes I would be exporting this as various formats (ePub, CreateSpace etc.) so it would be ideal for me to do it with the meta-data folder. Is there a way of doing that, if it’s not already there?

Doesn’t the meta-data “stick” regardless what your output is once you’ve entered it during the compiling?

(If you compile for .mobi or .epub (select either in the pull-down menu at the bottom of the compiler window), on the left side of the compiler the last item in the list is Meta-data. Click on it and enter all the meta-data you want.)

Sure, there is nothing particularly special about it. Just make a folder and call it “Front Matter”, then create sub-folders in that, one for each target. So you could have a folder called “Amazon” and another for “CreateSpace”, etc. In each of these folders you would be designing the beginning of the book. So they will each need a title page and so on.

If you want to make it look fancy like it does in the templates (which is probably what you saw in the video), then right-click on the icon for the “Front Matter” folder, and choose a special icon (there is one called “Front Matter” which the templates use).

When you compile, click on the Contents pane. At the bottom you’ll find an “Add front matter” option. Enable that, and then select the sub-folder (“CreateSpace” for example) you are compiling for. The contents of that sub-folder will immediately appear in the Contents list above, at the very top of the list.

Aha. Thank you very much.