Where to Keep Favorite Names List?

Much as I live the Name Generator function (and I do!), I keep a list of favorite names as a start for major characters.

I currently keep it in a Word doc, but it seems to me it would be more helpful to keep it somewhere handy in Scrivener.

Could I put it somewhere (Document Notes, maybe?) in my generic novel template, then save that in a new template? Is there somewhere that’s like Document Notes, but more general, like a “Project Notes”, that could be an open tile regardless where I was in the project?

Thanks for any help.


Project Notes is actually a pretty good place to keep lists like this. You can view them in the binder or as a floating window, and you can make more than one Project note, so you could have a Favorite Names Project note, and a separate Plot ideas Project Note, etc…

Thanks for your help!

My Project Notes comes up as a floating window. Can I just drag that window into the Binder to have it available for split pane & the like?

(I’m disappointed that I don’t remember things like this from reading the manual and going over the videos, but it seems like I only lock into stuff as I find need for it. I’d love to call that a “learning style”, but I think it’s more likely Early Alzheimer’s.)


Just close the floating window. With your Inspector open, make sure that the notes tab is selected (click on the tiny spiral note-pad icon at the bottom). If you see Document notes, you should be able to click on the arrows to the right of the words “Document Notes”, and select one of your Project notes from that list. You’ll now see the same notes in the inspector that you saw in the floating window.

Thank you.

That is so cool! And because it’s a project rather than a document note, it stays open as I arrow up and down the chapters… (Great programming. I love it when aps work like <> think they should. And there aren’t very many of those. Filemaker is the only one I can think of right off the bat.

I have a Themes doc for the project that I frequently keep open as well…

I think I need a bigger screen! Or two. (Is Scrivener split-able? Like with the text full-screen in one, and everything else in the other, sorta Photoshop-esque?)


Just like that, in fact. In the settings for Compose mode under Scrivener > Preferences, you can determine how Scrivener works with a dual-monitor set up, so you can have your text in composition mode on one monitor and your project window open in the second.