Where to publish in parts

Hi I have a 100k word book that has been almost finished for about 3 years… It is my only work at present. To get my lazy, procrastinating ass in gear I want to publish it in parts - al la Dickens - to force myself to get it done.

I have been looking for advice on this and can find little.

I was hoping to publish the first section on Amazon for free but it looks like u can only do free for 5 days out of 90.

Anyone got good pointer to a board where I can chat about this. Amazon’s own forum seem pants.

Any thoughts gratefully received.


Gentle bump … Anyone any ideas of good places for discussing the various outlets for online publishing???

Pretty please
TIA Steve

Oh I was going to apologise to the nice person who added a couple of useful links… but they have disappeared???

I was going to say sorry I have been a bit ill so everything is on hold for a day or two.

If they fel like republishing them that would be most helpful.

Thanks in advance

One of them was in Publishing Perspectives, probably at

Master Stephen, as young Master Phil has pointed out, publishingperspectives.com/2012/ … ing-world/ was one of the links, and the other two were:

seattlepi.com/ae/books/artic … 013322.php

google.co.uk/#hl=en&sugexp= … 72&bih=986

Also, unless I’m further into my dotage, than my human, vic-k is into his, I’m sure Amazon do actually provide for serial publication
fastcompany.com/3001099/amaz … ge-writing
Take care Master Stephen

Thanks so much you guys, gals and cats! I am in state of collapse in bed feeling grotty but will be on to it this weekend or next week.

Big thanks

PS Love being called Master Stephen BTW … 50 Shades of Happy lol


Dear Fluff and PJS firstly big thanks for replying.

I am 95% better but still terminally confused (dotage definitely setting in here).

I am trying to find a place with a busy discussion board on publishing and “how to’s” with people with first hand experience doing this - is there such a place?

I was hoping to do a “for free” book on Amazon but that seems a no no. I would discuss this on Amazon’s board but it seems DEAD!

… pause … Steven looks for dead board he found before and instead finds the most alive bulletin board on the planet at:


Dotage indeed.

OK I will now go and bother the good people over there with dumb questions.

One last one here.

If I want to address the ebook market in general would I be right in thinking that Amazon would be 90% of the total.

Just asking and, does anyone here know? - Am I also right in thinking I cannot publish for free on Amazon??? I think there is a set minimum.

Sorry to be so flakey and thanks for the help already.

Lora lora love.


Good morning, young Master Stephen,
Tis heartening to see your recovery is almost complete.

We must now address ourselves to your other debilitating condition, albeit, in this instance, a psychological one, not a physical one, i.e., your predilection for procrastination…a chronic, endemic condition amongst societal lower order/bottom feeding Scrivenerati.

Embracing the ethos of RT[size=50](rude word)[/size]M, and reiterating, somewhat reluctantly, the sentiments expressed by my uncouth human, “Why dun’t he stop fannying about and finish the fornicating book first!..then bung it on Amazon for 99c…and see what happens?!”

As fur-ball inducing as it is to agree with him, Master Stephen, in this instance, I fear I must. Your quest, a la: ‘To get my lazy, procrastinating ass in gear I want to publish it in parts - al la Dickens - to force myself to get it done.’ Is self-delusional phfffaffffing about, to no real purpose.

Now then, Master Stephen, what you must do, is: in backpack, place a couple of note books (A5 at least); a paw full of already sharpened HB pencils with erasers; a pencil sharpener; food&drink to suit palate, and a guide book to the island.

Head off to somewhere at least moderately stimulating, visually and intellectually.
Don’t drive. Walk…cycle…go by bus. Do not take cell phone/iPad/tablet/laptop, or other such procrastinatory abominations. :open_mouth:

Once brain is suitably oxygenated through modest exercise, park your, ’procrastinating ass’, somewhere pleasant, and…START WRITING!!!..in your notebooks. Do this as often as is practicable/possible, until you think you have it finished.

Once you think you’ve successfully completed the tale (I’m assuming it is fiction), you can then start to edit and do what ever it is that authors usually do to their first draft, in order to turn it into a reasonable approximation of something other humans would want to read.

Finish your book first, Master Stephen…forget the three part business…just finish it first. Seriously :wink:
The very best of Good Luck, Master Stephen,

Can’t you just create your own ebook (Kindle and iBook version), put it on a blog/website and make it available to people to download? Might not have the storefront offered by Amazon, but you’d have made a start.

You could promote it via Twitter, Facebook, forums, et al, and even try some of the book sites such as gouk.com/article-submissions/



Master Mac,
Sound advice, but young Master Stephen has to finish his novel first. His proposed three book, free or otherwise, is muted as a device to spur him on toward ‘Authordom’. Once finished, he could become so possessive of it, he wouldn’t want anybody to see it! :open_mouth: Who knows? :confused:

Dear Prof Fluff

Well, at least Homer has some options open to him on his long odyssey.

Publishing the first part might be the spur needed to see the opus to completion.

Miaowest Wishes


Dear Master Mac,
The desire to do, goes some way toward guaranteeing ‘a job well done’. Whereas, being obligated to do, on pain of penalty, if you fail to deliver, could prove, The Writer’s Block From Hell!! :open_mouth: ‘Y’ pays y’ money, and y’ takes y’ choice! : :smiling_imp:


I may be able to help you here. I work for a company looking to link up with authors and help them publish. We are not a publisher - but building a company that not only sells e-books, but helps authors find an audience and helps them find the tools to do the kind of publishing that they want.

If this interests you, reply and I will give you the information to get in contact. I think we can help you.

Dear WCB,
I too would love to know more about WCB. Other than what’s available here; google.co.uk/#q=wavecloud+b … 27&bih=986

How much, for example, will it cost our procrastinating crew member. Generally speaking, that is. Just give us some idea of what’s in it for WBC

Don’t be backward in coming forward WCB. Most of the humans aboard Scrivener can be described as consenting adults (p’rhaps euphemistically so in some (many cases?)).

Wavecloud.com doesn’t charge you to publish your books. We will help you find sources to accomplish what you want for your publishing needs, and establish a relationship with you. We will carry your books in our ebook retail section - just like we have books by other self published authors and books from major publishing houses. We are building a community of authors and readers in these times of change for the publishing industry - and want to encourage you to self publish if that is your desire. We are about helping readers find good books, and about helping authors find good audience to read their books. We’d like to make it possible for authors and readers to connect personally at Wavecloud. If you go to our webpage you can see a feature we have that shows authors we have a Direct Author relationship with. You will also notice that being a Direct Author with Wavecloud doesn’t mean you don’t sell your book in other places also. But that we would have a personal relationship with you, and can help promote your books to the community we are building.

Please send me a personal message on the site and I can get you in touch with the people at Wavecloud who handle author relationships. We can answer your questions.

I’d be much more impressed with your reply, if you actually answered the question I asked

Philanthropy and altruism are in very short supply at the moment, why should WCB be any different. So I’ll ask again: Just give us some idea of what’s in it for WBC.

Aren’t they a bookshop?

We do sell ebooks.

We realize you can buy an ebook anywhere - so I thought you wanted to know what will set us apart.

What is in it for WCB… We want to be your favorite site to deal with, your favorite site to market and sell your work. The question was asked if anyone knew where you could publish the way you wanted to do it, and perhaps we could help you find that information. WCB wants to be the company you choose to cultivate a relationship with - and be your favorite ebook retailer because of that relationship. We champion the author, the author champions WCB. We build a community where everyone benefits.

Having seen lots of “publishers” trying to “connect authors to” editors/cover designers/marketers/etc… that turned out to all be owned and operated by said “publisher” (In other words, vanity presses trying to bilk credulous authors while passing themselves off as a traditional small press), I have a hard time taking your marketing speak seriously. What services are you selling? In what form is this help you are offering? Are you providing the services to get someone like the original poster up and onto the intertubes, or are you hoping the discussion boards will provide him with ideas apart from your own business model? How do you set yourself apart from places like GoodReads.com, (which people may browse without a log-on, by the way)?

A straight-forward explanation of the service(s) you may be bringing to bear for Steve’s benefit is going to carry a lot more weight in a community of writers than what you are saying. We’re a plain spoken bunch (except for vic-K :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ), and so appreciate the same from people who are trying to sell to us.