Where to put Kindlegen?

Just read David Hewson’s book, Writing a Novel with Scrivener. He says you must load Kindlegen and then “point Scrivener to the file.” What exactly does that mean? I downloaded Kindlegen and unzipped all the files, and I know where they are on my hard drive, but how do I inform Scrivener that I have done so?
According to Hewson, this is absolutely critical because “without Kindlegen, properly located by Scrivener, any Kindle export will fail.”

Wherever. I’d put it in a safe place (that is, one you aren’t going to delete.) Once you tell Scrivener where the kindlegen binary is located, you shouldn’t have to mess with it again. If you change the location, be sure to change the location in Scrivener. (That is, if you accidentally delete it, you can give Scrivener a new location without an issue.)

Compile > select mobi > KindleGen, then “change.” :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, Garpu, but I’m still confused. How do I tell Scrivener where I have downloaded the Kindlegen file? According to Hewson, I must “point” Scrivener to the file. How do I do this? Your suggestion of compile>mobi>change doesn’t make sense to me, because when I choose compile, there are no such options. At the moment Kindlegen is in my downloads file. It is unzipped. As far as I know, Scrivener is unaware of this location. Is there a way for me to check and see if Scrivener has found the Kindlegen file?
Thanks for helping a newbie.

Finally got it. Your answer was correct, but rather concise. It just took me some more head scratching to figure it out. Hewson’s coverage of this issue is very vague, probably because he uses Scrivener for the mac.
Thanks again.

As an aside, I believe that Hewson has now abandoned the Mac in favour of Windows machines (and Scrivener for Windows).

His reasoning is here:
davidhewson.com/2012/12/03/build … -computer/