Where to save projects on Mac

Hello, I’ve recently started using Scrivener on Mac after using it for a couple of years on iPad/iphone.
I followed the instructions in the tutorial for setting up with dropbox which I thought would be fine as that’s what I used to sync on iOS.
However, every time I open one of my projects I get an error message saying I shouldn’t save it in the same folder as my backup (IE Dropbox). So I moved the files all to my Documents folder on my Mac - now they all look different: different icons and half of them have random ‘X’s’ on them. Also, now they’re on my Mac, how do I open them on iOS if they’re no longer coming from Dropbox?
Any help would be much appreciated!

You moved the wrong thing.
Change the location of your backups to somewhere else. You shouldn’t have them in your sync folder in Dropbox, and preferably Not in Dropbox at all.

Go to Preferences in Mac Scrivener and set your backups to be zip:ed and save them in iCloud Drive instead. Documents is a really bad place if you have activated to automatically save all of Documents to iCloud.

Ah that’s better - thank you so much!

Your problem seems to be solved already, that’s good.

But just out of curiosity: You said you have been using Scrivener “for a couple of years on iPad/iphone”. But Scrivener for iOS was released just last year. Are you sure you didn’t use one of these sounds-almost-like Scrivener iOS apps?

No it’s definitely the real Scrivener - sure I’ve had it since last year at least.