Where to suggest help/user-manual improvements?

I wonder if there’s a forum about the manual to help find places to improve it? Typos, parts that don’t seem clear, or just questions about parts of the manual.

Like I’m confused by:

Does that mean you can’t print images in a draft, or something else?

And there’s a typo at:

And below that, the mysterious Mr. Stengel:

And this little one:

Would it be nice to have one place to encourage people to send those to?

Thanks for the great update!

Here is fine, or you can e-mail support AT literatureandlatte DOT com. Ioa will see and read either.

It just means that you cannot place image documents in the Draft folder. You can drop images into the text, though, of course.

All the best,

That makes sense now, thanks.

As noted, I monitor these forums, and so will come across problems with the PDF this way. You can also send any errata to the e-mail Keith provided. That’s probably the best place for it.

Fixed the noted typos: thanks! Leave it to me to have a poorly edited sentence in a sentence about sections your editor has marked as being foul. :slight_smile:

The Mysterious Mr. Stengel is no doubt going to enter the lexicon of strange PDF lore. I have no idea where the fragment came from (I don’t even think I ever put it in my pasteboard), and it was found in two different places, as well. Already fixed for the next release.

I once had a typo in the sentence in a job app where I said I was a good copy editor. Didn’t get that one.

I’m very proud to have met Mr. Stengle and been able to introduce you. That’s pretty great.

Ha, I think you’ve got me beat with that story. :slight_smile:

I say Stengel stays.