does scrivener save files on my HD and how do I find the directory. I am a ludddite and so you guys are probably laughing up your sleeves at me right now. I want to burn back-ups to CD - what is the best way to do this. Love Scrivener, been using it for about a month now and I am finally appreciating just how useful it is - using outliner in conjunction with a 1 page basic outline and inspector is the most fantastic way to structure a narrative in detail - awesome.

I believe the default is simply your Documents folder. If you ever chose another place though, it will always default to the last location you created a new project in. If they aren’t in Documents, use Spotlight to find your files.

oscuridad, open the project you want to find, then Ctrl-Click on the project’s name in the main window; a drop down menu will show you where that project has been saved.

For future reference, not that you choose where the project is saved when you first create the project via File > New Project.

thanks folks. I tell you, if I ever get published I WILL put Keith, Scrivener and this site in the acknowledgements. hey, I can dream.