Where'd my services go?

Hi, all –

I don’t seem to have any Scrivener services. For example, if I highlight a string of text in BBEdit then go to menubar > BBEdit > Services, the submenu doesn’t list any Scrivener-related services at all. I think there should be some, no? If so, any ideas how I can install them? This is Scrivener v 2.1 (14118) running under Lion 10.7 (11A511).

Thanks much!

Load up System Preferences, Keyboard pane, Keyboard Shortcuts tab. In the left list you should see a “Services” section, click on that and scroll down to the Text section. You should see a big block of “Scrivener” services—do they need to be checked off?

I also experienced this problem. All services, including Scrivener, disappeared spontaneously. In the System Preferences panel there were no services listed to be included or excluded. I could change nothing.

In the end what fixed it was a reboot and all services spontaneously reappeared as normal.

I don’t believe this particular issue as I’ve described to be anything other than a Mac OS X bug.


That did it – thank you so much!

I gotta say, there’s a lot of unlikely stuff squirreled away in that Keyboard syspref…

Yeah, it’s a pretty useful spot to know of. I do wish it was designed a bit better though.