Where'd the words go?

Windows 7
Scrivener for Windows 1.7

Scrivener just crashed on me as I attempted to paste text that I’d just cut from one internal text document into another. (About 650 words in length.) Not only did the text not paste, but the clipboard seems to be wiped clean. I tried pasting into Notepad immediately after the crash, but nothing happened. I’ve reopened my project and every single word I’d tried to move is now gone. :cry:

Scrivener saves like every, what, 2 seconds? Is there a backup file somewhere that might have the words in it? Any way to recover? Windows had a backup from a few weeks ago, so I was able to recover the 50 words of old text I’d cut. But it’s looking like all the new text is gone. Say it ain’t so.

Also… is there any way to setup Auto-snapshots??? It shouldn’t be too hard to code “Take a snapshot ever x minutes and keep the files for x days,” right?

As none has answered you for a few days, I’ll chip in, sorry if I’m brief.

  • I’m a user of the original OSX Scrivener, and only occasional tester of the Windows version. So all my comments come from the experience of that one.

  • Yes, Scrivener defaults to “automatically save after 2 seconds of inactivity”, but that’s not the same as “Keep a unique version for every 2 seconds of edits”

  • If you text isn’t in your current project, you’re best place to get it from is from your last backup.

  • If your last backup of your working files was made two weeks ago - I’d suggest making more regular backups!

  • Have a look at the “Working off Dropbox” post in the OSX forum, it applies to PC users to. Using dropbox will give you a cloud based backup with some file versioning. Wouldn’t necessarily have helped in your instance.

  • Use the backup tools in Scrivener to create zipped backups of your project. If when you read this, the Beta backups aren’t working, then do your own by:

  • Closing Scrivener

  • Making a copy of the project folder

  • Putting that copy somewhere safe

And remember it’s Beta software, My OSX v2 release has never lost any of my work, but I still make sure I’m belt & braces on the backups