Where's 2.1?

I see it up on the mac app store, but not on the website. And “Check for Updates…” doesn’t seem to be picking it up. And there’s no mention on the announce forum.

I only ask, because the tab key seems to be borked in 2.0.5 when running under Lion. And you never realize how often you autocomplete stuff in a script until it’s taken away!

It will up soon - I’m just finishing off the templates and running through some final tests, but it will be available before the day (in the UK) is through. There are several extra Lion bug fixes and refinements in the 2.1 that will be released via the site, too, because I had to submit to the App Store last week in order to make sure that it got through the review process in time for Lion (both versions will be brought back in line with a 2.1.1 update in a couple of weeks - there’s nothing major different).

All the best,