Where's my template? Why can't I set margins?

I’ve written three novels with Scrivener and still find it maddening to use. I’ve read two books on Scrivener and still, every time I try to do something different it takes hours to figure out. I’ve saved a template several times but Scrivener says my templates folder is empty. I set up a blank project with the font, type size and spacing I want and then I choose set selection as template and still my templates folder is empty. I want to paste various documents into a project as chapters. I save them first as .txt to remove formatting from my word processor. I paste them into my project as chapters and the font, type size and spacing go back to the Scrivener defaults. Is Scrivener trying to tell me that it won’t save these settings as part of a template?
And why can’t I change the margins? I drag the mark on the ruler to where I want it and nothing happens. The text is too wide and I’m getting tennis match neck pain swiveling my head back and forth to read my text.