Where's single space for Scrivener 2?

Hi, Scrivener 2, MAC fan here…

I’m having the hardest time setting the blank template to a simple single-space setting. It keeps jumping a line between paragraphs, even when it looks like it’s about to type where it should on the next line. When I set the tab, it looks like it’s going to type there – then it jumps creating an empty line I don’t want.

I kept changing all the “spaces” numbers, in the preferences, etc., which I’ll admit I don’t know exactly what they refer to – when I was hoping there’d just be a simple “single space” “double space” etc option…

Am I missing something?


I’m not entirely sure what you mean by it “jumping,” so there may be something else in play here, but the way to change your line spacing and all other formatting is to go to Scrivener>Preferences>Formatting and then hold down the button indicated in the image below and select “spacing.” That will bring up a pane to let you set paragraph spacing; you want it to be 0 before and after.


That will affect all new documents created in all projects; to do that for only a certain project you can do the same thing but go Project>Text Preferences and then select “override text formatting for this project.”

To change all previously created documents to the new formatting, select the documents in the binder and choose Documents>Convert>Formatting to Default Text Style.

Hope that helps!


Edit: Heh, it’d help if I uploaded said image.

Extra Edit: Note that if you do the “convert formatting” it will replace all the formatting, so will change spacing, font, etc. Make sure that the sample text in the formatting pane looks the way you want it before you change everything; maybe do a backup first or duplicate the Draft folder before you alter it just in case you’re unhappy with the results. If you’re working with a fairly blank project at this point, though, it shouldn’t be a big deal at all.

Thanks for the tips!

I still had a hard time making the preferences “stick,” and I think there was something with the formation of tabs in the ruler bar that I was mistaking that made the line jump, but it seems to be working now. If not, I found that saving some single-space work from another non-Scriv doc, and pasting it in the thing worked as well.

Though it seems unnecessarily complicated – especially if you want to have a bit in the middle of a doc that’s single or double spaced. do miss the very simple and convenient “single-space” “double space” that was in the previous version of Scrivener.

Anyway – thanks!

::coughs sheepishly::

Um, actually, I was not thinking. Now that there’s the swanky formatting bar, you can show that for the editor (go to Format>Show Format Bar if it’s not visible) and you can set the spacing there; the box for it looks the same as I showed you above. So you can select a block of text within a single document and format it that way. You can also then make your own presets by selecting a block of text you’ve formatted the way you want it and choosing Format>New Preset From Selection.

Sorry. :blush:

Oh no problem –

The tips were still quite handy–I got it wrangled eventually–!

I still had an issue with a blank document tab not just saying “single-space” or “double-space” like the old Scrivener had, without having to reset numbers between paragraphs and all that.

(Why a blank space between paragraphs would be the “go to” choice for a simple document in the first place is another topic!)

Thanks again for the help!