Where's the Demo Video?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and a moving picture, well that must be priceless, right? So why is there no short demo video on how to use the features of this tool? It wouldn’t have to be anything elaborate, just some knowledgeable person going through a typical (if abbreviated) workflow while putting Scrivener through its paces.

I mention this because while I have a keen interest in writing, I have never aquainted myself with the formal workflow of a professional. Posting a demo video of this program would go a long way towards helping others like myself, neophytes and dillitantes, with Scrivener’s features. It is obvious to anyone with computer experience that this is a powerful and elegant program – so why not demonstrate that power and elegance?

Hi segue,

What a brilliant idea. When are you starting work on it? I jest of course.

If you enter ‘template’ into search you will find some ready visual forms set up as workflows that you can download. Others were up but I took them down pending the release of 1.04 (soon - Keith hasn’t slept for a month working on it). What is already on this board will help a lot.

Nontheless, the tutorial is really important to get through. Scrivener is very adaptable to lots of different sorts of writing so getting to know it properly will pay such huge dividends that the effort is worth it.

What sort of writing are you most engaged in? There may be something the Scrivener community can do to ease your transition to Scrivener if you let us know what sort of writing you want to do.

The short answer is: because I am only one man. :slight_smile: Most of my effort goes into development and responding to users.

The longer answer is that sometime ago I bought a program called iShowU for exactly this purpose, but so far I have had not had the time to create a demo video.