Where's the update? What happens Dec 12th?

I came here because of a problem with the spell check but I saw that it was already reported extensively. However some people refer to Beta 1.2 which I can’t find anywhere? I checked my copy and the version isn’t shown. I checked the main download page, it says 1.0 I searched announcements, I browsed announcements.

Also I love the program already despite the glitches and I’ll definitely buy it as soon as possible, will that be by Dec 12th though or will it just stop working then while we wait for a full release?

I REALLY tried not to open a new thread! Help please?

(I’m doing NaNoWriMo and while I couldn’t get the template working on Windows I still love it!)

You can find Beta 1.2 in this thread: [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/29th-oct-current-beta-1-2-is-version-here/8733/1]

It’s not a full install, just a .exe file that you need to copy over the top of the Scrivener.exe in the folder where you installed it.

As for buying the full program, I think the plan is to have that released in January or February. As you note, that will mean that this Beta expires before the full release so I imagine that L&L will provide us with another version of the Beta before then, which has a later expiry date.

Thank you so much for the info. I now realise that I didn’t search the sub-forum ‘Bug Hunt’, I wrongly assumed that was just for reporting problems. Much appreciate the response … back to NaNoWriMo :slight_smile:

Having run the new file I see the message now says there will be an updated Beta by Dec 12th YIPPEE!

So it does. That shows you how much I read of that message as I click through it. :slight_smile:

Beta 1.3 has been released in the Bug Hunt forum.

Thanks, I was just coming here to find where the latest update was posted. It’s not on the main beta site. I think they should put that info there as well, or at least a sticky section here, at the top of this forum for just updates only so it’s easy to find.

Edit: Found it on the main site! :blush: