Where's the upgrade link?

I bought Scrivener in the last year, I think, but I’m using 1.6. Your website says 8.1 is available for Windows. Where are the upgrade links?

Windows 8.1 is here:

windows.microsoft.com/en-us/wind … ?WT.srch=1

Updates to Scrivener can be reached on Scrivener’s Help menu.

Scrivener for Windows is at
production version v1.6.1.0 available at
literatureandlatte.com/downl … taller.exe
and beta version available at
literatureandlatte.com/scriv … taller.exe

Scrivener for Mac OS X is at
production version 2.5 available at
and no current beta available as far as I can tell.

“Windows 8.1 Ready” and “10.9 Mavericks Ready” refers to the latest versions of the Windows and Mac operating systems that those versions of Scrivener will work with. Which is to say, they work with the latest releases of those OSs.

To be clear, Scrivener for Windows works on the traditional Intel compatible version of Windows, not on the incompatible Windows RT version employed on the low end Microsoft Surface. (It does work on the higher end Intel compatible Microsoft Surface Pro.) It uses the traditional Windows desktop graphical interface, not Microsoft’s new tiled Metro/Modern interface, even when launched in the Metro/Modern environment.