Which dictionary/thesaurus??

I am looking for an efficient dictionary/thesaurus to use with my writing. Would like to be able to link to it from Scrivener, Freeplane and MS Office.
A downloadable one is preferrable but a fast online version would suffice quite well.
I tend to operate on the cheap side of things so am aware that may limit the options.

Thank you


I really like WordWeb. It works in just about anything.

I also use Wordweb and just upgraded to v 6.8.
It does the job but a bit clunky with no thesaurus.

I have not used WordWeb and am going to give it a shot. I have been using TheSage with great results. You may want to compare them.

I used TheSage before WordWeb, and I’ve since removed TheSage from my system due to lack of use. WordWeb is just so much more convenient than TheSage. I’ll try it again though for a couple of days. I just love how you can be an any program and right+ctr+click on any word and the definition pops right up.

The thesaurus is an add on in the WordWeb Pro.

Right, I use it and keep the option to get on the web when stuck.