Which file contains my text?

Dear all,
I accidentally removed the scrivener file of a manuscript I was working on.
I had the file in my Dropbox folder.
As you know, Dropbox keeps backups of all files, but, alas, not folders.
The scrivener file “manuscript.scrv” is treated as a folder in Dropbox, hence no direct backup of it(!)
But the files inside it do have backups.
The question is, which of those files is the one that contains my text?
There are lots of small files and I have tried restoring all of them to no avail.
I need to recover my text.
Thanks in advance!

You might have more luck looking at Scrivener’s own automatic backups, which can be found by going to Scrivener -> Preferences -> Backups, and clicking the button to open the backup folder in Finder.

The answer to “which file contains my text?” is “all of them.” Each item in the Binder is represented by an individual file in the Files/Docs subfolder within the .scriv project folder. While you can use QuickLook to inspect the contents of these files and find individual sub-documents, generally this is not an effective method if you need to restore an entire project.

This is also why I don’t recommend using Dropbox as your only backup method. It’s really designed for file sharing, not maintenance of a static backup archive.