Which file format for editing?

I just emailed two chapters of my draft novel for review by a local writers’ group member. Not knowing any better, I sent the draft in PDF format, which she tells she can’t use for editing purposes because she likes to use the “track change function” of Word. I’ve never used Word, so to me, a track change function sounds like something a railroad engineer might need to be concerned with. I am a non-techie who’s never needed to be concerned about different file formats, and don’t even have Word installed on my Mac. My question is this: How do I send this person a file for editing purposes? I’m only using the most basic functions of Scrivener, and haven’t explored any export/output ? functions at all. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks a million!

Scrivener can compile selected portions or all of a project out in a variety of formats, including Word. Look up compile in the manual, tutorials or possibly in Gwen Hernandez’s ebook/book Scrivener for Dummies (there are other books available too).

Catch is, if the expectation is that you will then read their notes in track changes feature, you’ll need something that can read Word, both in general, and specifically, the track changes. Worst case, that could mean purchasing Word. Though, a quick search suggests that OpenOffice/LibreOffice and some other apps may be able to. It might be worth doing a simple proof-of-concept test of the ability to pass such Word docs back and forth before investing a lot of time and/or money.