Which Files Do I Need To Sync?

I’m a bit of a computer geek and have about four computers on which I may work on a writing project. I also have a Synology NAS server and use SynologyDrive (works similar to OneDrive or iCloud, but personally owned/more private) to sync the writing folders between computers. However, there’s one computer which I don’t own and I may not be able to get permission to install/use the automatic syncing software, not to mention being reluctant to make copies of my personal files there.

What I’ve been doing writing in LibreOffice is to manually upload the .odt file into my writing directory whenever I finish a session on that computer. If I’m using Scrivener, which file(s) do I need to upload? Do I upload only the .scrivx project file, or do I have to upload the whole .scriv folder to keep from losing something important (it’s a multi-novel length project; a trilogy, actually)? Hopefully the former as that can be easily and quickly uploaded over and displace the old file (the Drive software automatically keeps a backup of the old file as well), but uploading the whole folder means zipping it, uploading it, and then unzipping it, deleting the old folder, and renaming the new one…somewhat awkward when I’m trying to make a quick getaway at the end of the day!

Thanks for any technical help with this question.

The whole .scriv folder.

If I were you, I’d explore the Scrivener v. 3 Beta and the “File > Sync > …with External Folder” option.



As lunk said, you need the entire .scriv folder.

I agree with Mark’s suggestion of the Sync with External Folder command. That command is the only supported way – other than Scrivener itself – to manipulate a Scrivener project.