Which font is used in the "Sample MS" of the Novel Format?

I really like the look of the font used in the Sample MS, but couldn’t figure it out from the formatting options, as those are greyed out in the Sample MS. It is, curiously enough, not one of the “recommended fonts” in the Sample MS itself, that is, Courier New, Arial, or Times New Roman, but I’d love to use it while writing and then later compile into Courier New. Thank you!

It’s Courier, at the moment. It will be Courier New, but I haven’t updated the sample PDFs yet from the Mac version because I’m waiting for a few outstanding compile bugs to get fixed. The official version will use Courier New, because Scrivener for Windows is unable at the moment to support old bitmap font styles like Courier. (A lot of programs are phasing this out–Word 2010 for instance doesn’t support Courier either and will silently change Courier text to Courier New.) Courier New is fairly similar to Courier, just a bit thinner.

You could take a look at some other mono-spaced fonts. There are forum threads all over with various suggestions and favorites. And if you really like to procrastinate, DaFont and 1001Fonts and similar sites have a lot of free fonts you can download…

OK thank you. I’m not at home right now, but I don’t think the font looked like Courier to me, and am wondering if it defaulted to some other font on my screen at home. Or maybe it is Courier! I’ll go home and try to do a comparison with regular Courier. :slight_smile: I use Courier New for everything at work, and whatever seemed to be used for the Sample MS font was very elegant and non-typewriter-like.

Hum, the Sample MS is a PDF file and in nearly all the templates it’s Courier–a few use Times New Roman. Maybe we’re talking about different documents? The “About” files, at the top of the binder, are mostly in Helvetica. Maybe that’s the font you’re after.

Thanks, you are right. Strange that somehow it just looks different, slightly bolder and makes it look like a different font to me than Courier New, which I feel like I should know right off the bat. I installed at work during my lunch hour to check it out and it does appear to be Courier. Talk about stupid questions. :confused: Oh well, thank you for your quick response!

Heh, no problem. :slight_smile:

Just wanted to add that I realized Courier New is just a spindly, ugly font, and other versions of Courier, such as Courier 10 BT, are much more easy on the eyes. I hope maybe the official version will use Courier 10 BT, which seems to be supported on Scrivener… just because Courier New is ugly! But it does seem to be the most common Courier font nowadays.