Which is faster ?

To correct typos as you go.

Or bang on till the break and then correct.

Or leave it even further till the edit where you expand and contract various sections.

For me I am a tidy neat person and I correct as I go. This may be an error and I would retrain myself if needed.

Your opinions and experiences would be appreciated.


Not many animals were hurt in the course of making this post.
And they all tasted nice.

Depends on the typo. I need to be able to know what I was going for when I return. However, stopping every few minutes is not a good idea. I prefer choice B. Write like crazy and fix typos during scheduled breaks. Helps me keep in mind where I was going for the next writing session.

Have you heard of Write or Die? Several people in my writing group swear by it. I just swear at it.



I blithely ignore typos first time around. To help enforce this, I don’t look at the screen while typing. I either just close my eyes and write, or gaze out the window. It’s the ultimate full-screen experience.

my problem is that I can’t distinguish the actual word. If you touch type try moving both hand over 1 character, close your eyes, then do your “stream of ‘look what Jaysen does every day’”. Now do this for about 10 minute then go back and try to figure out what you actually typed.

This is the problem with using programming and command shells to learn to type. The “words” are not real and the feed back is pretty quick (things don’t work).

So I rely on a 2 step process of fix it now, swear at it later when I can’t figure out what the heck the correction was supposed to spell.

Don’t believe me? Consider that even the state of NY refused to accept my name as is. 3 times. Clearly a genetic problem.

Have you heard of Write or Die? Several people in my writing group swear by it. I just swear at it.


That is an amusing site. Well worth visiting.
The Leith Police dismistther us.
Oh no ! I cannot write.
This is stressful. I cannot stand the pace or intensity and I am concerned about typose. Bugger I did it again.

Does adding text breaks help. No,
Its word count not space.
I am doomed.

The colours change but I have taken no drugs. Well not many. Or not enough.
I need more of something but I don’t know what.
End example.

Think of a competitive writing environment. Forget the green fairy and deathless prose, its text and you get a big mo-fucking wordocount in the corner.

Fun in a bad way


Write first (stay in creative mode)

Edit later (logic and accuracy mode)

Switching between the two constantly pulls you from one mental state to another and can cause many people to lose their creative focus. (not everybody)

In the end try one way for one day of writing (say 2 hours)
and the next day the other way (say amount of time)

Which one felt more comfortable for you?

Every person is different so in the end it just all depends on what style best fits your needs and gives you what you feel is the most productive.

When everything is working – brain, fingers, keyboard – I type pretty fast and don’t stop unless there’s a major problem, which my fingers are apt to recognize sooner than my eyes, since I tend to read what I’m thinking rather than what I’m actually writing. So little problems – teh, communisty, adn – stay as is until the first edit.

Jaysen: I may already have mentioned this – I had a friend whose parents named her Dorothy, but there was a typo in her birth certificate. The bureaucracy objected to any name change without a court order, so she’s gone through life as Doroyth. (This also in New York State.)


But my BIRTH CERTIFICATE matched what I had on the app. that was the crazy part. My name really is, was, and always will be spelled Jaysen.

I wonder if the fact the b. cert. was from West Virginia was part of the problem. Hmmm… interesting thought that one…

I dunno. One of my sons-in-law is from West Virginia – still lives in the region – and he’s a very bright and articulate guy. May have to look elsewhere for the problem.


Well we know for a fact the Tooth Brush was invented in West Virgina.

If was invented anywhere else it would have been named the Teeth Brush.


I fix typos as I type them, IF I notice them. It’s probably faster NOT to, but it’s such an ingrained habit that I always do it, even after deciding that I won’t.