Which legacy version to download?

I’m behind the times, and I apologize. Everything about Scrivener has been working fine for years, except that I got a new computer.

My old computer is running Windows 10, as is my new one. The version of Scrivener on my old computer is My license says that I can put Scrivener on 5 computers, and the new one will be #3. The choices on the website for downloading legacy versions are 1.54, 2.5, and 2.9. Which one should I download?

Many thanks.

You are looking in the wrong place. Those are Mac versions, not Windows versions.

As a general rule, we recommend using the newest version of Scrivener that will work with your computer. With Windows 10, that would be the current release version, 1.9.7.


That’s weird. I went to Help > About Scrivener and got a pane titled “Scrivener for Windows and Linux.” At the bottom of the pane, in very small print, is Version: - 02 Jul 2014 (cut and pasted!).

If that’s not where to find my version, where can I find it?

Oops, I see. You mean I’m looking in the wrong place for downloads. Sorry.