Which MultiMarkdowns are supported

I am new to Scrivener, so please excuse if that is a silly question. I am doing some first experiments with Markdown and don’t get links to work. My source looks like this:


and I am compiling for MultiMarkdown → html, default. The link is not converted into an , but transferred literally as is.

Does Scrivener not support all MMD commands? And where do I find what exactly Scrivener does support?

Thanks for your help!

Hi NoVo,

I know nothing about mmd, so cannot answer your question. :cry: I do know, however, that the manual (Help > Scrivener Manual) has a complete chapter 21 on Using MultiMarkdown and Pandoc. Odds are high you’ll find some answers there. :slight_smile:


Thanks, Jim. Unfortunately, this chapter doesn’t say anything about which markdown tags are supported. I have read it top to bottom and did not find my questions answered. Thank you anyway for the fast reply.