Which Template to Use

I’m writing a technical method (well it’s mostly done) for classical guitar with text, graphics, tables, lists. Should I have started with a Novel Template? Any others I should consider?



Templates are largely just starting points, and from there they can be changed to anything you need as you go, so I wouldn’t worry to much about it. Pop open a few of them as temporary projects and see what they provide in the Binder. General non-fiction will probably be the best place to start for a non-fiction project (as you might expect), but I wouldn’t get too hung up on the decision. There is nothing in a template that cannot be done otherwise with the program, starting with the blank starter, so the choice is whether any of them provide a substantive leg-up in what you are doing, particularly in how the binder is arranged and how it exports. You can get an idea of what the default output will look like by examining the PDF in the Research folder, and reading the about file at the top.

Thanks AmberV - I found how to import the Front folders into my open document.