Which Tutorial Is Good For Win3?

I’m fairly new to Scrivener. I started with v.2 but moved over to 2.9x as soon as I found out about it.

I want to do a more thorough approach to understanding the software since it appears I’m failing miserably in formatting and compiling. Hell, I’m still copying and pasting stuff that I can’t figure out how to move.

My question is this: Would I be better served to do 3.x Mac tutorial or an older Scrivener Windows one? Are the concepts in the Windows version comparable with Mac or as I better sticking with Windows period and trying to understand the newer versions (like the one I’m actually using)?

Also, Udemy has tuts but nothing that rocks my world. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

I’m using Beta (1175332) 64-bit

The concepts, menus and features of V3 on Windows are closer to the Mac than they are to the old Windows version. There are differences (because Windows as an Operating System doesn’t offer all the features that the Mac does by default), but they’re not huge, and you should mostly find that if a feature is in the Mac version, it will be on the same menu and work the same way on Windows — feature parity is an explicit design goal.

Before you go looking at other materials though (particularly paid ones), do spend time on the built-in resources, which cover everything you need to know to get you working effectively with the main features:

  1. the Interactive Tutorial (from the Help menu) — this includes a Collection with all the features that have changed between V1 and V3. IMHO the Tutorial is the essential first step for anyone learning Scrivener anyway, but even if you’re used to V1, it will guide you through the changes.

  2. An Upgrade project in Scrivener format, which starts off as a V1/2 old-style project and walks you through the process of converting it to V3, showing you how to import settings and make use of the new features. https://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivener-3-update-guide

I really wouldn’t bother with any third-party sites until you’ve spent time with both of these — they’ll give you enough information to use V3 effectively for most tasks, as well as the vocabulary and knowledge of the features to ask the right questions on this forum (and elsewhere) for more advanced questions.



Your response is amazingly helpful and exactly the information I was looking for.

Scrivener has become an invaluable took for me. Part of the reason is this forum and the people who take the time to respond.

I will definitely check the Scrivener resources moving forward.

Thank you for your speedy and comprehensive reply.

All my best,

You’re very welcome! V1 was already very good, but V3 is better — I hope you enjoy it…