Which version of Scrivener to use . . .

I bounce back and forth between my Mac and Windows machines and recently decided to add a little bit of Linux to my life. I am excited to see Scrivener seems to play well in this new environment. I haven’t really used Linux very much, but want something that I can boot into without the distractions my other computers offer (internet, games, etc). So my question is, since I have purchased Scrivener for both Mac and Win, which version is best to use to import into this new world? I plan on using Ubuntu, but would easily change my mind on that also if someone had a better suggestion.

In looking around a lot of people are using 1.9, so I am guessing the Windows version is what people are grooving with then. I got it.


There is a final native Linux version That is the one you want, not 1.9 which is Windows. No licence to buy.

Mr X

Thanks for the information.

Before installing on linux, I would check the postings in this forum which talk about various ‘bugs’ or difficulties involved in using the latest (and final) beta versions for linux.

You will have to chose between 32bit and 64bit versions and then between and I think you will find that generally, users are very satisfied with both versions but there are some issues. For example, if you use other languages than EN either for your operating system or for occasionally writing projects in other languages, you will find several threads concerning problems and with solutions / workarounds.

Sometimes the problem is due to some language files not having been included in the latest linux beta. In those cases, you may have to download a different version just to grab the missing file and place it into your installed version. The threads below include such explanations.

I use beta on linux and it works very well - certainly well enough that I don’t need to get a Windows box running just for Scrivener.