White Impact

Looks nice with a wide left margin. But is there a way to get rid of it to better use the scarce real estate on an iPhone?

Display the Binder for your project. Tap the gear icon. Tap “Scriptwriting”. Turn on “Hide left script margin”.

Thanks Silverdragon, but it doesn’t have any effect. I’d be surprised if it had, as it i not a script.

What Silverdragon say hints that there’s a Template solution for this.

I don’t have time just now to figure it out, but Ioa from Scrivener may chip in – and you can no doubt make one yourself from the one you are using, referencing the Screenplay one to find what they set on it that allows the visual margin to go away - and probably default it also on your personal Template. Which you might then share :wink:

I could swear I also saw a setting which could fix this, but can’t find it. Also I use iPad rather than iPhone, so no easy way to check as solution.

Best on it, White Impact,

Oh. Have you turned on Allow Scriptwriting? Same command sequence as I described above. Once you do that, show the Inspector for the document, and turn on Scriptwriting (if it isn’t already…)

Or if you don’t want to do that, you can select the text, tap the paintbrush, tap Indents, and adjust to taste (but that will change them and if it’s a script you probably don’t want that.)

Hope this helps.

Very helpful addition, Silverdragon

  • on an iPad where it’s not needed, I stlll don’t see any results, full width or with sidebar, but probably on an iPhone, as you found, it works.

  • Here’s another idea, though. While trying to get this to operate, I tried different Editor>Text Width settings in the iOS Settings>Scrivener area, which iOS Scrivener lets you directly access and get back from through App Settings- great move by Keith.

If you set to Full Width, maybe this will eliminate extra margin on the iPhone?? One of you will have to try it.

Good fortune,

Just checked – there’s no width adjustment in the editor settings for iPhone. I would think that it’s just always at full width.

@Silverdragon. I’m not writing a script, I’m writing prose. I know that the format for novels and short stories in Swedish looks different from English.
But thank you for the tip about the “paintbrush”, thats where I can go to change the indents. With a long draft with lots of scenes though, it would be a slog to change them one by one on a phone or iPad, so I suppose the way to go is to get rid of the left indent on the computer and set that as a default that can be applied to the full text in scrivening mode.

@narrsd. The text width settings can be useful at an iPad, but the option doesn’t exist on iPhone.

@matgz, I apologise for my incorrect assumption. I have learned something new about formats for prose in Swedish – thank you!

to both of you: good conversation, and I learned some things also.

@matsgz: Yes, I think pre-prepared overall Styles, from the laptop, are going to be the saving of us all… :wink:

Engaging writing, to both.