White stripes in text while writing

I have been using Scrivener for several weeks, but lately some white stripes (not the band, unfortunately) have appeared in the text while writing. They strike through a complete line, and several random lines at once. When I move the cursor or continue writing, they strike through a different line. I’ve attached a screenshot.

This happens both in draft and research, in the editor and in full screen mode. I’ve also tried different fonts and font sizes, different lengths of text, but no change. This only appeared after around 2 months of using Scrivener (2.0.5 for Mac).

This is a bug in the OS X text system which crops up occasionally when the text is scaled. It’s dependant on various factors, including line spacing, font and suchlike, but unfortunately, because it is a bug in Apple’s text system, although I’ve done my best to find workarounds, there’s no way to fix it entirely (unless Apple do - it’s been in the text system for years…). Your screenshot is probably the worst I’ve ever seen it, I have to say - usually it occurs in one line of text very occasionally, not constantly. However, the key factor is that it only happens when the text is scaled - that is, when the zoom factor is not 100%. So to avoid it you could just use 100% zoom but with a larger font (the font size can be changed during Compile, after all).

That said, if you can find a situation where the lines always occur in the same chunk of text following a certain action, let me know and I’ll certainly have another crack at a workaround, although I’m not hopeful, given how much I’ve tried with this one in the past. :frowning:

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Thanks a million Keith! I don’t know if it’s good or bad news that the bug is with Apple - let’s hope they’ll get round to fixing it some time. But your workaround is really good: the larger font on 100% scale doesn’t actually make a difference while typing and it works indeed, the stripes have disappeared.

I wasn’t able to identify a certain situation where the lines popped up. I had the feeling it started when I used 1.2 or 1.5 line spacing, but as I went back to an earlier 1.0 spaced text, the lines were there too. So basically no, I can’t identify what produces them, but if I can at some point, I’ll post an update.

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Thanks Maruta, I’m glad that helped at least.
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