Who is this human?

youtube.com/watch?v=fa9DLxDt … e=youtu.be

The one on the left could be my parents, or any one of a number of my colleagues, or even some of my students. The one on the right… WAIT! Where did you get this? :open_mouth:

The one on the left I run into everyday. The one on the right was me before I learned to sleep on my feet

The guy on the left is a mac operator I used to work with. He never learnt a single shortcut key. He used the menus for everything - even copy, paste or save. My inner demon was screaming “APPLE S! APPLE S!” when he did that.

Yeah!! And the rest :wink: Bet there were a few: ;&^&%%?)&^(&%)(&^*^%%?:;**@%/s in there as well

I am pretty sure I’ve never said even as much as “shit”.

No wait… oh crap.

Are you sure you’re, ‘sure’? Eh…eh…are y’? :wink: