Who`s Jaype?

Having surpassed all previous attainments, apropos, deductive reasoning, I have just figured out who Jaype is :smiley: :wink:
Welcome aboard Julia

I was thinking earlier today that we should send special plaudits to Jaype, after all, not only is she half-an-L&L person, she’s also got the kids, the house … and she’s been having to cope with old Gruff-and-quirky since 2007, and through all this hooha with the updates, the betas, the new Windows people with their masses of extra demands for attention …
I think that’s no mean feat.
Julia, you are a hero/heroine … choose which one you prefer.

Oy, don’t spoil 'er or give 'er compliments! She ain’t used to it - she’ll think it’s normal.

It is normal for people who are not being “gruff and quirky” for extended periods of time.

I think she may be our favorite L&L team member just by her presence now that Ioa has ruined all our preconceptions.

Not livin with you, she wont, y miserable old git!