Who straightens my desktop while I'm away?

A question regarding OS X:

In the last months, every time I log out from my user and log in again, all items on my desktop have lost their carefully arranged positions and are piled up on the right side of the screen instead.

Any ideas what could be the reason for this behaviour? Thank you in advance.

I am still running OS X 10.6.8, BTW.

Right click the desktop and check the “Sort By” settings.


This was the first place I looked, but I don’t have the “None” option. In Snow Leopard, there is simply no option checked.

Thanks nevertheless.

Ah, another try then …

From the Finder menu (or CMD J might work when you are on the Desktop):

View > Show View Options > Sort by > None

Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Here, I have the option “lock to grid” activated (looks tidier). Which should not sort the icons, but simply keep them aligned.

Nevertheless, I will give it a try. Next logout will be friday evening for the big weekly backup procedure, and then I’ll see :neutral_face:

[size=150]Pixies of course!

You silly guy! In recent years, pixies have become quite geeky. They like to do mischievous things with people’s computers while they’re away.

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