Why are attached files renamed?

Hi everyone, new user of Scrivener since today.
I have included some images in my notes and attached some files to the research panel.
However, all my files are getting renamed by Scrivener?
For example, I drag lubalingraphstd-book-webfont.ttf to the Research panel, and now I have test.scriv/Files/Docs/6.ttf.
This may sound not important right now, but apps should respect that the user may want to export the data in the future when switching app. And when I switch app, none of the files will have a sensible filename.

Did I miss some setting? :confused:

They will have “sensible” names when you export because Scrivener will ask you to name them.

Export is what you are looking for.

When you imported your jpg, notice that your filename was used to title the jpg doc in Scrivener’s Binder. If and when you Export that doc, Scriv will offer up its (then current) Binder title as the name for the exported file.

That’s about just what you would want, right?


Yes! I didn’t know about this feature, works perfect.

Please note that poking around inside the Scrivener project with Finder is not a great idea. So it shouldn’t matter that Scrivener renames files internally, because under most circumstances you don’t need to view the files directly anyway. Rather, as Greg said, the Export command is the best way to extract a file from the project.

Note also that if you expect to need to access research files from other applications, you might want to consider the Import -> Research Files as Aliases function. As the name implies, it creates an alias to a file, while leaving the actual file outside the project.