Why are Folder descriptions duplicated in Scrivenings View?

Dear Friends: I just constructed several folders for a writing project, something like: Session #1 with a description. Now in Scrivenings view the description (and Session number) are duplicated like “Session #1… Session #1…” I don’t know why or how to change it. A bit frustrating. Thanks for your assistance as always.

You need to post a screenshot of what you are seeing. Your description isn’t enough as it doesn’t explain exactly what you are seeing and where.

Many thanks for your prompt response. Please see the attached screenshot.[attachment=0]Screenshot .png[/attachment]

Move the cursor down and it should change.

You have loaded the folder, “Session #1…” into a Scrivenings session. Within that session, the cursor is currently in the “Session #1…” document specifically.


Many thanks Katherine. I’m not sure I fully understand about the cursor Here’s another screenshot. Perhaps I have created my folders incorrectly?

My project name is WPC May 2021 TM3 and I just want to create folders for each session. Many thanks.

[attachment=0]Screenshot #2.png[/attachment]

Your folders are fine.

In the Editor pane, place the cursor in some of the text from the “Notes” file.


Many thanks Katherine for your patience and assistance as I transition to version 3 in Windows. After adding some text to the Note, I now see this as an example:
[attachment=0]Screenshot #3.png[/attachment]

So I’ll assume all is fine. Thanks again,

See the dashed line in this last screenshot? That’s the boundary between included documents. If the cursor is above that line, you should see “Session #3…”. If it’s below it, you should see “Notes #3”.

Finally, note that the header bar text is just there to assist your own navigation. It has no bearing on what will appear in your final output.


Many thanks Katherine for your good efforts here. I think I understand it now. I’m enjoying the new version of Scrivener for Windows.