Why are folks here using Scrivener 3 Beta for windows instead of 1.9?

A see a lot of people complaining about Scrivener 3 being late for windows- but I don’t get it. Scrivener 1.9 would appear to be overkill for writing a novel, it already has all these convoluted features I don’t need. Is there some new killer notetaking functionality in 3 or something? If I wanted to take notes about my novel I can use Onenote…

I saw someone here complaining about syncing their book to IPAD or Iphone. Again, I don’t get it. Why would you want to write your novel on anything other than a Laptop? Are you waiting in line at the grocery store and thinking “now’s the time to open Scrivener and type a few words on my Iphone!” I guess if you own a desktop but for some reason bought an IPAD and keyboard instead of a laptop that could be a bit of a pickle if you want to write at a coffee shop or something… but you could always use Microsoft Word, I guess.

I predict if Scrivener 3 comes out I’ll waste time playing around with it and go back to typing one word at a time, same as always once I’m bored with procrastinating with the pointless new features…

No one is using the beta since Scrivener 3 came out on March 20th.

OneNote and Word can’t do what Scrivener does.

FWIW, I use my iPad constantly. Much more convenient than a laptop for notetaking and such.

Our upgrade guide reviews the differences in Scrivener 3. You can find it here:
literatureandlatte.com/scri … -guide-win


I recently had to travel and took my iPad and iPhone as my only compute devices. It was very nice to be able to work on my projects without having to have Yet Another Device to manage or worry about. My iPad has ~10 hours of battery time, and I suspect it’s even more than that, based on the performance I was getting on the airplane watching pre-downloaded show episodes from HBO Max. There’s no way my Windows devices would have matched that convenience, especially not for the same price point. And yes, a decent stand, case, Bluetooth keyboard, and Bluetooth mouse cost less than $80 all told and give me the ability to toss my iPad into the same bag I carry my diabetes supplies in when I leave the house – so if I find myself with extra time, I have the ability to write comfortably if I want to.

As for writing on my iPhone – I may not want to bang out paragraphs of text, but when I have a sudden idea, it’s very nice to be able to fire up Scrivener and jot down some notes in the appropriate part of the project for me to deal with later when I’m back at a more suitable device.