Why are Indentations so short?

I have my first line indent to 0.30. Looks fine in scrivener. But when I compile the book and look at it on iPad, the indentation is small, it looks like it needs to be indented more. I’ve noticed this on other books, too (not ones I wrote). I even changed the indent to 0.40 but it looks exactly the same as on 030. Is there any way to change this? Thanks.

What format are you compiling to, and what software are you using to preview it? I’m not sure if the iPad is the best place to be checking for precise measurements as everything tends to look smaller on it. If you open a PDF on a PC and an iPad and hold them up side by side, the indents look smaller on the iPad because the whole page is smaller. I’m not sure if that is what you are observing however.

I’m formatting in mobi. I looked at it on my iPad because I want to make an ebook of the file and was using my iPad to check and make sure everything’s okay. I know that I can compile in rtf./word as well, but if I use that, I get stumped on figuring out how to link toc to each chapter. Mobi does that automatically.

Ah, okay Mobi could be the source of the problem then. I haven’t checked recently, but in the past it will kind of “normalise” indents to a certain width, rather than doing precisely what you ask for. This is mainly to avoid situations where an indent that looks good on one device doesn’t look good on another. Consider how a half-inch indent would look on an iPhone as opposed to a Kindle DX.