Why are my headings turning into links?

While I don’t want to provide a screenshot of the document I’m working on, considering the content, I’m having an issue where the headings I am working with sometimes turn into links, and I’m not sure how to prevent that from happening. I sometimes make comments on these headings. Here’s the format I’m using:

| Heading


| Heading


There’s a slight mistake: headings are also bold, so,

| Heading

Does the link point to a comment?

If so, that’s probably expected behavior. If not, are the links in the Scrivener Editor itself, or in your compiled output document?

That’s the upright bar | followed by a bit of text in italics? That’s it? Nothing else? No style assigned to it?

When I click on it, it doesn’t lead anywhere.

All I’m typing is a bold upright bar and with the bold-italic header. I don’t manipulate the words any other way.

You’ve mentioned not being able to share your work, which is totally understandable. Do you think you could share a demonstration of what is happening in a test project?

Here’s how I would go about doing that, in order to make sure all of the variables are the same:

  1. Use File ▸ Save As... and name the copy of the project “Links in Header Test”. As is normal with this command, you will now be working in the new copy—triple verify that in your title header bar though, as the rest of this checklist will be destructive.

  2. If you take a lot of snapshots, use the Documents ▸ Snapshots ▸ Snapshots Manager menu command. In the left sidebar, press Ctrl+A to select all, and then click the - button to delete them all. This will save a lot of space when sending the demo.

  3. Use the Edit ▸ Find ▸ Project Replace... menu command, and fill out the form as follows:

    A star has been placed beside easy to miss settings.

  4. Click the Replace button, and once it is finished, close the dialogue.

  5. Browse through the project a bit, and ensure the content is thoroughly mangled beyond all hope of recovery, and secondly, that the bug is still visible.

  6. Lastly, trash any research items or other materials in the binder that are not necessary to viewing the bug, and empty the trash. This should reduce the size of the demo project considerably.

  7. Leave the editor showing a document that demonstrates the bug, and use the File ▸ Back Up ▸ Back Up To... to create a zipped copy for transfer.

Upload that here as an attachment, or if you cannot do that yet, feel free to send it in to technical support. Be sure to specify the URL of this thread so that whoever receives it can reference the case.

At this point you can trash the demo project, but maybe keep the zip in case there are difficulties sending it.

Why do you think it’s a link, then?

Could it just be underlined text? There’s a Compile option to replace italics with underlines, which you’ll find in the Settings tab on the righthand side of the main Compile screen.