Why are we not able to choose from a set of icons?

I am not a computer programmer, so this may be a poorly executed suggestion, but I am saying it.

I must say I am tired of everything computer related being shoved down my throat by people who write the software. This is especially a problem in apple related products and software, where programmers decide every year exactly how everything will work, and look, and then force us to accept it, or too not have the latest features and performance upgrades.

An example is scriveners new icons. I wanted icons which are easier to ignore when I am writing, and I am pleased to see icons which go in this direction. I must say however that I am having trouble seeing these, and it takes mental effort to look at them, and figure out which ones are what. This seems to have gone too far in the other direction for me. It may suit others of course, and indeed it must.

I think the real proper solution is to give us all five or six sets of choices which define the look and feel of the icons. We are all so different in so many ways, and some people are even color blind. I wish this reality would factor into the strategy of computer programmers more, instead of simply pushing everyone around with few options for the beneficiaries and victims to choose from.

Thanks for the continued effort, and I hope the next version which is taking a while is as much better as it sounds like it may end up being.

It’s really not practical or feasible to provide five or six sets of different icons. They have to be designed to fit in with everything else and each icon needs creating in two sizes (for Retina and regular displays). That would require us to create and maintain hundreds of icons, something we don’t have the resources for, and even if we did, that is just not standard behaviour. We follow Apple’s lead and work hard to ensure that Scrivener fits in on the latest versions of OS X. Fortunately the overwhelming response to the new icons has been very positive. We may offer an option in a future version to choose to use a much more limited, monochrome set, but if we did, it would not have the full range of colour icons.