why aren't my notes as ghosty?

So I just upgraded to 1.51, and now my notes aren’t as ghosty as they used to be. I tried playing around with the opacity in “preferences,” but this didn’t help.

In 1.5 (and the earlier version), it wasn’t just the background of my footnotes/citations that was a different color than the main text–the footnote text itself used to be faded, as long as you weren’t typing within the footnote box at that particular moment.

Now, the footnote text is just as black as the main text. This is terrible! The ONLY thing I dislike about Scrivener is that (unlike Word) I can’t get my footnotes out of the way. But at least with faded footnote text, it was easier for my eye to ignore the footnotes and concentrate on my main text. Now the 1.51 update seems to have killed this feature. What gives?


Oops. Should have searched the boards before I posted. I see you’re working on this. Sorry!