Why cannot scrivener do rtf to latex conversion?

for example, those bold, italic words and the bullet lists, sections, i think it’s easy to transform them into latex format. or is there any technical challenge that i fail to anticipate?

Perhaps this tool would help?

Thanks! I’m studying the XSLT processing now. Have you tried before?

I think the xslt processing solution would work because the Scrivener’s support of XSLT is based on MMD (HTML), not RTF!

So @AmverV, is there a way to export rtf with some kinds of customizable conversion?

There is no way to map any of those rich text formats to arbitrary syntax output, Markdown, LaTeX, etc. if that is what you are asking. XSLT is indeed an option with MultiMarkdown given the predictable quality of its HTML5 output. But you still have to write using Markdown in the editor.