Why Can't I Drag and Drop Certain Folders?

Is there some sort of capacity limit on folders that prevents certain ones from being moved? While organizing materiel for a book, I’ve created numerous folders for specific chapters and assets for those chapters. While attempting to consolidate these, I successfully moved some by dragging and dropping. But others refuse this process. The stubborn ones appear to be identical to the others and I CAN drag them to a few spots, namely the lower half of my collection of folders as shown in the left hand column. When I try to drag them higher than half way up, they won’t go. Anyone have any ideas of why this is happening?

Are you trying to move material into the Draft folder by any chance? That area is reserved for text documents (Scrivener compiles your final draft from this section, so you can’t put any media or pdf files in there)

Yep, that was the problem. Some of those “assets” folders held images, PDFs and web pages. Those were the guys that refused to be moved into the draft folder. Now that I’ve read the purpose of the draft folder, I see why it won’t accept these non-text items. I figured this out just after I posted my query and was going to amend my original post but your response beat me to it! Thanks, very much. DCS