Why can't I move items from 'research' to 'manuscript'?

I have created a non fiction project and added files and folders to the ‘research’ folder. I would like to export, or compile, these documents as well as the ‘draft’ folder but didn’t see an option to include it in the compile or print it. So I created a fiction project and dragged the files across; but found they wouldn’t go to the ‘manuscript’ folder.

There are quite a lot of files and I don’t want to start a third project just to import them again. Is there any way I can change the settings on these files and folders to allow them to be moved to another folder where I can print or compile them?

[Ignore, I will just remove Scrivener.]

An answer (from a mere Scriv user) in any case is this:

Scrivener can house all sorts of files in your Research folder – to facilitate your keeping resource materials of whatever sort you feel you need together with your project and ready-to-hand. This includes many file-types that Scrivener could not itself open and manipulate. An Excel spreadsheet for example. These would open in external app when you ask for them in Scriv.

Consequently, there are many sorts of files that can be in your Research folder that Scrivener would have no way to sensibly compile into … what? My Excel sheet, an audio file, some photos, some web archives, some pdfs, and some documents with character info in them. What would /compile/ even mean applied to this assortment.

So, there is a distinction between the Research and Draft/Manuscript folders. The latter will only house things that can sensibly be compiled. Basically, that is text documents (though these can also contain pictures).

So somewhere in the folders you tried to drag from your Research to your Manuscript folder was at least one file of the sort described above.*


  • Image files are a funny case. They can live as bare image files in the Res folder, but not in the Draft folder. In the latter, the image must be in a text document.

Thanks for the response GR, but I’m afraid the program was just causing too many problems to be of use. There were some PDFs in the folders; generated by Scrivener via the ‘add web page’ option - which itself wouldn’t work half the time. If I recall correctly there are four options to bring in web pages, and Scrivener defaults to the second or third one, which never worked. The first option worked most often but I had to manually select it after the others returned an error.

However I’m afraid I am one of those people who take a dim view of a program not working with files it has created. If Scrivener can’t deal with PDFs one hundred percent it should not deal with them in any way. If I have a document in a Scrivener Project I expect to be able to work with it in any manner I want; at least in the same manner as any other document in the project.

So it’s a case of ‘off with its head’ and seeing if I can do anything worthwhile in One Note. I did purchase a licence for Scrivener so I may use it in the future, but that’s extremely unlikely.