Why can't I see the word count for my entire manuscript?

My footer view is turned on. I can see the word count for each scene. However, I cannot see the word count for each chapter or the entire manuscript.

I’ve tried edit/insert/manuscript word count, but the choices after that are greyed out.

That depends on what a chapter is, in your structure. Are you using the standard folder = chapter layout, as put forth by the templates? If so, just click on the chapter and then use the Project/Project Statistics menu command. In the Selection area you will see a word count for that section. If you do this a lot though, you might wish to add the “Total Words” column to your outliner. This column will count words for each individual section as per normal, but it will also add up all of the words for a container as well. So folders will have the total of all the pieces inside of them.

Thanks so much! Yes, I’m using the standard “fiction” template, so the project statistics worked great. I was shocked: I have 30,601 words!