Why can't I upgrade scrivener3 for free?

I bought the scrivener in November 2020,
Why can’t I upgrade scrivener3 for free?

I am not an employee of Literature and Latte and I do not represent them in any way. I am, however, a retired engineer who has dealt with software problems for decades. I offer my experience to help you. Anyone from Literature and Latte who can help you will need more details than your initial post provides.

For example, what platform did you purchase Scrivener for? Your profile says Mac and Windows. Scrivener for one platform is a different product from Scrivener for the other platform. My guess is that would impact upgrade eligibility.

Another is, what steps did you take to obtain the upgrade? A little searching on these forums will show you step-by-step instructions on what you have to do. Have you looked at these instructions? If so, what step failed? What message(s) did you receive?

So, there are many people here who want to help you, but you have to give them something concrete to work with.

Please open a support ticket, here:

We can’t address licensing issues through the forum.


Feel lucky. I missed the free window by two months. The one time when i decided not to procrastinate and it comes back to bite me in the glutes. Hope ye get through.

You are still eligible for the discounted upgrade price, which saves quite a bit.

True…but that’ll be a bit down the road due to the lack of certain hoped for features.
Not that the new additions aren’t nice but it really is one of those make or break deals.

I understand the question. It’s what we were told. Sorta.

But:::: At $45 dollars, scrivener is way under-priced. I have purchased 5 copies to be used on my 5 machines. This is a personal assessment based upon my understanding of what the company has accomplished.

Scrivener does far more than Word. It deserves to be priced at least the same.

Those who demand such a low price are obviously the selfish who think they deserve to buy a Mercedes at KIA prices.

Have to agree. I also own FinalDraft 11. It is great for some things, but a poorly written product that chews up CPU power just sitting there with the file open, though the last update seems to look to see if you are on battery and do the useless looping it does (1990’s programming style) less. But plug it in and the notebook is a free lap warmer.

FD11 is overpriced. Scrivener is bargain.