Why can't we drag pictures into the cork board?

This is kind of obvious but can not do. Make a new folder in research. Select a cork board view you’ll see the large empty cork board waiting for something to be dragged into. Drag a picture or pictures into it. Can not do. ??? It got rejected. You can only drag & drop pictures into the folder itself which is very inconvenient since the folder icon is so small.
Yes, In document view, you can drag&drop a picture but it won’t be a picture file anymore. It got attached into the document. You can NOT view it in cork board.

I’m surprised no one asked for this? Please tell me I’m wrong somehow.

You can only import files into the binder, so if you are trying to drag files in from the Finder, they can only be dropped into the binder, not onto the corkboard or outliner. Allowing importing directly into the corkboard and outliner is on the list for the future, though (although it is low priority compared to other things).

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