Why default is "hide extension"?

When I export scriv files (e.g., to Microsoft Word), I notice that one of the defaults is “hide extension” (e.g., .docx). I’m just kind of curious why that is. I prefer to see the extension so when I’m skimming file titles in the Finder, I can quickly distinguish the Scrivener version from the Microsoft Word version, and so I always have to un-check that default setting. Thanks,

The presence of that checkbox is governed by your Finder preference (in the Advanced tab). If you set Finder to force extension display, you won’t even see the checkbox. Personally, I wish this default would vanish from all operating systems. It’s supposed to make the system more friendly, I guess, but it sometimes causes more trouble than it is worth—such as when someone tries to open their “My Project Name.scriv” and it fails… because it’s actually “My Project Name.scriv.zip” on the disk. :slight_smile:

–>Very helpful, Thanks!